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A Tai Chi for beginners video is my first inspirational weekend recommendation.

Every weekend, I will publish inspirational reading, listening, viewing or doing reviews and recommendations. It’s part of my plan as a positive life changer.

Getting out from behind my desk has been a huge part of my life-changing plan for me. I have been super stuck to my chair working from home for more than a few years. So stuck, that I feel part of the chair and for me, this started long before the Pandemic.

So, after much contemplation and after failing to incorporate early evening walks into my life-changing plan, I decided to look into Tai Chi for beginners on YouTube.

I’ve always wanted to do Tai Chi and even after working in the fitness industry for several years, over a decade ago, I still hadn’t tried it.

Until this week.

This week everything changed.

I was sitting in my home office at my desk waiting for a computer update to finish and thinking how I was forgetting to do Tai Chi. I had already selected a Tai Chi for beginners video to try. All I had to do was claim the lounge room and play it.

How hard could that be?

So, making sure my teenage son was secure in his room, I snuck into the lounge room, turned the television on and did it.

What is Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day for beginners?

Well, Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day begins with the instructor giving a short inspirational speech. Then you begin the movements while facing the instructor who is encouraging and giving you information about what you are doing.

After the initial 5 minutes, the routine repeats without the commentary. So, Tai Chi 5 Minutes turns into Tai Chi 10 minutes a day. More on this shortly.

To be fair, I really didn’t think I was going to make it all the way through.

My back began to hurt, my ribs were in a great deal of pain and then my lungs started to ache while breathing in and out slowly with each movement. I should warn you, it probably helps if you don’t hold your breath.

Of course, I didn’t realise until I did it again the next day that when the movements repeat, it says: “Optional Review” and the module extends to about 10 minutes. By then though I was already hooked and kept going.

Now that I have done it four times (almost in a row, I admit to missing the third day), I don’t feel like I’m struggling as much. In fact, I’m feeling fantastic!

It is still a little difficult to extract myself from my office chair to do it. My biggest obstacle is remembering to do it, even though I have it on my calendar.

Leia Cohen in Tai Chi 5 Minutes for beginners on YouTube.

Tai Chi for beginners review

Starting a new fitness habit, like doing Tai Chi for beginners every day can be overwhelming at first. Just thinking about it can scare you away, but once you make up your mind and keep doing it, you being to wonder, “What all the fuss was about?”

For me, I think the turning point to starting this new routine was when I finally remembered that I wanted to start it, was just saying to myself, “No more excuses. Let’s do it.”

The instructor for Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day is Leia Cohen. Leia says that the movements aren’t important, but taking the time to practise Tai Chi every day is. She also emphasises:

The Daoist philosophy says that it takes 100 days to create a foundation, you plant the seed, you cultivate it for 100 days, and then at the end you harvest. Well it takes the same amount of time to create a habit.

Leia Cohen, Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day, YouTube

It is a joy to be doing Leia’s module. The music is relaxing and Leia makes Tai Chi seem effortless and graceful.

I know I’ll be continuing with this module and I have already signed up to get more Tai Chi modules sent to my inbox from Taiflow, Leia’s website.

This may sound silly, but when the video ends, I have this urge to bow my head to say “Thank you” even though I know she can’t see.

If you are looking to start a new fitness habit this weekend and get yourself moving, I highly recommend giving Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day ago.

My recommendation: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Remember to invite other family members or housemates to join you. Inviting others will make doing your new routine fun and motivating.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day With Leia Cohen Health Coach

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