On Becoming A Positive Life Changer


Hello and welcome to U-Foria. As chief editor at U-Foria, I am a positive life changer.

Many people believe that happiness is a choice. I’m one of them, although I do not subscribe to happiness as an easy choice to achieve. Our pain bodies are strong, and sometimes it can be easier to pretend to be happy than to change.

Despite other people’s perceptions, I do not waltz about with a smile permanently fixed on my face, a bounce in my step, and a song filling the air. Although, how wonderful would this be?

Like most people, highs and lows contrast my moods. Sometimes, I feel sad; other times, I feel invigorated, angry, frustrated, creative, terrified, calm and helpless – all in one day.

The first step to achieving real happiness is being mindful of how you feel at any given moment. Then, you need to work through these feelings meaningfully and with purpose.

Journaling about how you feel and what makes you happy and reflecting on what you need to do to achieve inner happiness is a good first step for anyone who wants to positively change their life.

Journaling to acknowledge feelings.

Grin and bear it vs acknowledging and change

Like many people, I have my stories of hardship, but I’ve always felt that there were people who were worse off than me. I felt my issues were first world problems. So, I soldiered on through rejection, break-ups, death, loneliness and ill health.

When I fell off my bicycle as a child, I was taught to get straight back on, gravel rash and all and keep riding. And that is how I have dealt with many of life’s disappointments, especially those I’m responsible for creating.

But do you know what happens when you keep going? When you push the problems down, cover them up and keep going?

They build-up.

When you grin and bear things, true happiness is elusive. Emotions get bottled up inside when we don’t take a moment to recognise, reflect or allow these feelings to be.

Without recognition and reflection of our negative feelings and choices, we have a higher chance of repeating the same mistakes and getting the same result again and again.

Sure, you can try to fake it and pretend that you’re moving forward. Anyone can paint a smile on their face and soldier on. However, at some point, the cracks start showing. I learnt this lesson ten years ago when I had a complete mental breakdown.

We all need to be a positive life changer for ourselves.

Choosing to become a positive life changer

Things haven’t changed overnight for me. Far from it. I suppose, even though I first sort professional help ten years ago, I didn’t find it helpful at the time because my pain body and critical self had completely taken over my mindset.

It has taken me almost ten years to begin to find my path to happiness. So, while the act of change is still new, the desire to change and discover my inner happiness is strong.

When I chose to become a Human Resource specialist, it wasn’t because I enjoyed hiring and firing people. Instead, I did it because I believed in people and I wanted to help them reach their true potential.

That’s when I realised my passion for becoming a positive life-changer, not just for myself but for others.

Being a positive life changer

To change, we all need to become positive life changers for ourselves. At U-Foria, you will find:

  • Empathy.
  • Encouragement.
  • Motivation.
  • Inspiration.

I get that we’re not all wired the same. That the solution that works for me may not work for you. I’m not here to teach you my pathway to happiness but to help you find yours.

The tiny itty bitty step that I took today was to do five minutes of Thai Chi.

What simple change can you do that will make your feel good today?

What you will get from U-Foria.

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By interacting with U-Foria you can choose to make positive life changes and become the person you want to be.

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