How To Start Living again


Do you ever have a longing to start living again?

Children have an innate sense of awe and wonder about the world that we label curiosity. To see their wonderment is a beautiful thing.

They are so curious, motivated by their natural desire to investigate. Kids don’t have to dig deep to learn how to start living.

What might have started as a physical novelty is influenced by sensory and cultural experiences. In children, it develops into intellectual, creative and social curiosities. These curiosities in early childhood are described by Heggen & Lynngard as a “desire for fullness of life.”

Do you remember that sense of awe about everything, everywhere? That feeling where you could be and do anything as a child?

How amazing was that?

Yet as we begin adulting that sense of wonderment and inspiration can fade. Our grown-up responsibilities kick in and we start taking life all too seriously. and we seem to get stuck in the continuous loop of wake-up, work, and sleep.

Eventually, we might even begin to feel as if we are these mundane routines.

This casting off of our childhood happens for a significant number of us as we become teenagers. It is so easy to let the fear and negative language of others rule us. Although, there are still some who are able to sustain this amazing sensation.

I believe that as we grew older, we should make every effort to nurture these feelings of wonder within ourselves and others. Rather than just watching young children discover the joy of life we too should be nurturing this feeling in children of all ages and our adult selves.

Be inspired like children by the simple things in life.

How to be inspired like children

So, what inspires children?

  • Simple things.
  • Natural things.
  • Life.
  • Amazing things that other people do.

To “be inspired” means to be motivated to feel, or to do something. Adults are often motivated by:

  • Money.
  • Love.
  • Material possessions.

These types of inspirations can lead us in the wrong direction. We end up stuck in this continuous loop of wake-up, work, and sleep. So, to escape this trap, we need to think more like children.

Love is an emotion that is akin to the sense of feeling secure for children. Whereas children look to adults to promote a sense of security. Instead, Adults need the courage to be inspired to look within and believe in themselves.

Positive inspirations boost confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing. They enrich our lives in ways that no other things can.

Finding inspiration to start living

The inspiration to start living the life you desire needs to come from within. Although it can be triggered by external influences, like, seeing others who are happy, content and pursuing their dreams.

Sometimes, people need a little push in the right direction or an inspirational reminder that they deserve to be living the “good life”. That’s where friends come in and those who want to inspire others to reach for the stars.

Life changes will mean many things to different people. While some of us may aspire to travel around the world in a yacht, others are more content with the simple things in life. It is the latter that we focus on at U-Foria.

Just like when we were children, you can also find the inspiration to live a good life in the natural world that surrounds us. There is serenity and bliss to be discovered in:

  • Stargazing and being amazed at all that life teeming in our night sky.
  • Hiking in a forest and drinking in the fresh scent of flora.
  • Being caught out in a deluge of cold rain.
  • A walk down a country lane or in a park.
  • Lying on the beach, listening to the waves roll over the sand.
  • Watching birds and other wildlife in your backyard.
  • Animals, especially those that are close to us.
  • Clouds and the amazing shapes they form.
  • The feel of the sun as our skin (safely) soaks up the warmth.
  • People and the way they band together to support and comfort others.
Woman looks out at the ocean to find inspiration to start living.

How to start living a more inspired life

Find the inspiration in you to become who you want to be and what you want to do. Inspire yourself first to make positive changes in your life, rather than trying to inspire change in others. You need to help yourself before you can help others.

An inspired life is one filled with purpose. To reach this state, you must be willing to make changes and seek out the things that motivate you. They don’t have to be huge changes, they can be small steps to break the monotony of life.

7 Steps to start living and make Life Changes:

  1. Look within to find what you want to change about yourself. This first step can often be the hardest. Hold up a mirror and take a good look without letting our inner critic beat us down.
  2. Take micro steps and choose one thing that you can change now and start doing daily. It could be as simple as waking up ten minutes earlier so you can appreciate the day or practise meditation.
  3. Practise that one thing until you succeed in doing it seven times in a row. If you miss a day or opportunity, that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up, simply start over.
  4. Be kind to yourself and recognise your achievement when you reach the seven-day goal. Don’t stop doing it though because now the goal post is seven weeks. Miss a day? That’s okay. Do it now.
  5. Introduce new changes when you feel confident to do so. What else do you want to change? Keep up your first change then add another and then another and create new habits.
  6. Embrace mindfulness as you continue to practise your changes and introduce new ones. Being mindful is about being aware in the moment of how you feel, what you are doing, and how it affects your environment and others around you.
  7. Look back and reflect on the changes you’ve made. Reflection is an important part of the change process and for recognising inspiration. Journaling can make reflection easier. How do these changes make you feel? Do they make you feel alive?
People finding inspiration from the festival of colours, Holi.

Waiting for divine inspiration

Divine inspiration is the notion that when we are stumped, we will be blessed with an inspiring idea from a higher power.

For some people, religion or spiritual practices promote inspiration. Others discover inspiration through meaningful moments of connectedness with nature, people and places.

I believe we are all capable of discovering inspiration through the way we live, the things we do and our environment. The way we find inspiration may be different for everyone, but we all share the desire to start living again.

How do we make this happen? Through self-awareness of the need to change, a willingness to embrace inspiration and the reminder to keep trying.

When you want to live a more inspired life changing what you do and how you do it is the only way forward.

Change isn’t easy but we can all achieve it with persistence. If you’re ready to start living a purposeful and meaningful life filled with kindness, confidence, gratitude, mindfulness and happiness, release your fear and press pause on that continuous loop.

Open yourself up to the things in life that inspire you. Feel the euphoria, the awe and wonder again.

What inspires you to live a positive life?

Middle-aged woman takes time to smell the violets.

Be inspired to start living with U-Foria

Come with me on this journey of self-discovery to reunite our inner beings with the beauty of life. My goal at U-Foria is to approach each change, each realisation, idea and “a-ha!” moment with a positive and meaningful reflection.

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