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Welcome to U-Foria, your daily dose of life-changing inspiration. My name is Tina Dubinsky, your happiness engineer.

U-Foria is a friendly, safe space for positive thoughts, aspirations and inspirations. It is where we can freely:

  • Find the answers to the person we want to be.
  • Strengthen our confidence.
  • Inspire ourselves to take action.
  • Make positive life changes through itty bitty steps .
  • Embrace and focus on life’s journey.
  • Inspire others, especially our families and friends.

One of U-Foria’s goals is to create more positive messages on the internet. By filling this shared space with harmony, kindness and a daily dose of inspiration, we seek to become better people. You are welcome to share our positive messages across social media, with friends and work colleagues.

A person standing on a frozen lake, considers what they want from life and the person they really wants to be.

Finding answers about who we really want to be

I often feel overwhelmed when it comes to sharing stuff about myself on social media or when wanting to join in a conversation. Do you?

Places like LinkedIn where “professionals” are constantly posting their success stories don’t always give me a sense of belonging. While I want to share my thoughts on topics, I find that what I have to say isn’t always constructive or welcome. I hammer out many responses but rarely post them.

I do admire people who have overcome adversity and who have moved on to do wonderful things with their lives. However, I often feel that I don’t belong in the community. Is it because I’m the wrong fit? Am I just lacking confidence? Or if I told “my story” I’d feel like a fake?

I wish I had such wonderful stories to share but I am far from being a role model. When it comes to living what I preach, honestly, I’m a basket case most days. I internalise everything, I hate my “day” job and I feel repulsed by my identity. Does this sound familiar?

I have struggled for years with who I am. As a five-year-old, I questioned, “Why me? Why am I living this life, in this body?” I felt like an imposter and an intruder from an early age. So, I’ve always tried to become what others wanted me to be. At least, then I would be accepted, right? Wrong!

For the most part, I have gone from one thing in life to another without much thought. I have let others steer me or gone in a direction out of a false sense of duty or low self-esteem.

My career paths have turned and twisted and I have fallen into new roles to help others rather than given a lot of thought to whether I wanted to do them.

Do you often feel trapped or that you have taken a wrong turn?

A person looks down at their feet in a circle with the words "comfort zone, and feeling a renewed sense of confidence to step out of the circle.

Discovering a renewed sense of confidence

After 10 years of battling severe depression and social anxiety, I am finally feeling a renewed sense of motivation around my life. About time, right? This feeling comes from a place within to inspire me first and then others second to live a better life.

Some of this motivation comes from having a child and wanting to be a positive influence and role model for them. It is about nurturing a sense of hope for both of us but also building purpose accompanied by a strong desire to change within myself.

I know some of you already have it together and I admire you for that. There are plenty of people who are living their perfect life. All the same though, there are plenty of people who feel sad, lost and lonely, even when surrounded by those they love.

For the first four years of my child’s life, I thought I had it together too. Then, I became overwhelmed with grief and regret. I found myself doing the same thing almost every day in my personal and professional life without making any difference.

Finally, I carried so much internal conflict that something gave.

And it has taken me ten years of struggling with ups and downs to realise that the answer was here all along. Yes, that first therapist I saw was right. I have to do what I want to do, be who I want to be.

You (me) are the only person who can change your life for the better. You hold all the power and persuasion to move forward and become the person you want to be.

Neil Armstrong's foot print on the moon, evidence of a small steep but a giant leap forward.

Taking itty bitty steps forward

Being in charge of your own life seems such an easy thing to imagine. But change is hard. Most of us resist change. It is easier to give up and accept the status quo.

Rather than making sweeping reforms, itty bitty steps towards positive life changes can have long-lasting success. When we repeat our actions to change, we form new habits.

And that’s what this blog is about: taking small steps to make positive changes in our lives.

U-Foria is your daily dose of inspiration. You will discover reminders, ideas and quotes that encourage you to seize the moment. Every week, we will update our blog to share inspirational journeys and motivational self-help actions that you can start implementing into your life now.

Focusing on the journey

There is a movement in the early childhood sector that seeks to change the way that people perceive how children learn. Rather than focusing on the end product of a project or lesson, the focus has shifted to how children come up with their ideas, create and discover solutions.

I feel this is something that we lose as adults. We stop focusing on the journey and instead worry about the destination. We have so much focus on where we are going, such as whether we will have enough for retirement or is their real-life after death that we forget to cherish the here and now.

U-Foria is your constant reminder to be.

My role here at U-Foria is to deliver a daily dose of inspiration through reminders, ideas, quotes, quotes, podcasts to be in the moment and to focus on being positive. A sense of being is a wonderful thing to hold and in itself, an incredible motivator.

Aside from my reminder notes and inspirational cards that you can share on social media to remind yourself of being in the moment, you will find mindfulness and relaxation exercises and other treasures to inspire your life-changing journey in our weekly podcasts starting in April 2022.

Woman takes action with tai chi and inspores others through action.

Inspire others through action

I honestly feel that to inspire others we have to inspire ourselves first. I don’t believe inspiration is something we can force on others. Rather it is a feeling that others catch from seeing, hearing or sensing the effects of others’ inspiration.

So, by taking those small steps to make positive changes in our lives, others will be inspired to take them too.

Earlier, I mentioned part of my motivation to change was having children. Covid-19, climate change along with the instant unfiltered access that children now have to world and local news is having a huge impact on teenagers’ mental health.

And in some major cities in Australia, there is a seven-month waiting list for children’s mental health appointments. Children need help now and to provide immediate support, we, the adults need to start leading by example.

By showing my child that I can take itty bitty steps to make positive changes in my life, perhaps it will inspire them to do the same.

Be Who You Want To Be

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