About U-Foria An online interactive digital fiction

Our sci-fi story is currently in production.

Chapter One – The Invitation offers readers a sneak preview of our pick-a-path adventure.

You can also join our beta readers’ membership program for pre-launch updates and events.

U-Foria blends fiction with digital media to create a story written on the web, for the web


Digital fiction uses multimedia on the web
A light fusion of digital technology.

It mixes words with images, sound and video, so for an immersive experience turn on your sound.

Interactive objects create a different digital fiction for every reader

By clicking on interactive objects in the story, you can reveal more information.

The Story

Our adventure involves murder, mystery, romance and interstellar travel.

Images provide more detail in our interactive fiction
''Meet your replacement,' they said.'

Every path you choose could lead you through a different theme or a combination of mixed genres.

The story begins in the year 2027.

While it feels like you are set for life in your government funded technopad, previous tenants may disagree.

Discover more about your world beneath the surface.

Use your inquisitive nature to uncover the real truth about your life.

Who or what can you trust?

It places the reader into the role of the main character where the future depends on your investigative skills.

Who or what can you trust in this divergent future? Can you rise to the challenge and save mankind before its too late?

Solve a murder, uncover an intergalactic plot, fall in love and travel beyond Earth to places you have only dreamed of visiting.

No downloads or in-app purchases required. Just an up-to-date browser with video and sound capability.

Created, designed and authored by T.B. Dubinsky.

See also Credits for a list of multimedia components and applications.

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