Every house has one.

Anticipating your direction, the robot whizzes past as it rolls down the tiled hall.  Mark holds the sliding glass door open to the VR lounge and attempts to smile.

Striding through the door, you ignore the chunk of metal.

‘Good morning, Chris,’ says Four-point-one, the room’s artificial intelligence. ‘You have one unread email from U-Foria Adventures.’

Most likely spam, you think. The honeycomb coloured sofa looks inviting as you slide into it. Last night’s game lingers in your thoughts as the system warms up.

‘What will we do today?’ asks Four-point-one as it dims the lights in the room.

The sliding door shuts with a firm clunk.

Startled, you nearly drop the coffee cup you’ve been hugging to your chest.

Behind the door, Mark’s red eyes glare through the glass. The robot’s been acting a bit strange of late.

‘Find robot service and repairs,’ you say.

‘Finding robot service and repairs.’

Mark turns away as the robot turns away from the door and moves back toward the kitchen.

‘Search, completed.’

Placing your hot drink down on the coffee table, you pick up your VR headpiece.

One result within 2.72 km:

Robot Reboot

Is your robot or AI malfunctioning?
Talk to us now. Don’t delay.
An operator is standing by.

From: [Alice Mortem]lottery@u-foria.com

To: Chris@vrfreedom.int

Subject: Congratulations! You’ve won a free trip to the moon.

Dear Chris,

Congratulations! You are our lucky winner for an all expenses paid holiday to the new moon resort, U-foria.

Your prize includes a three day stay in a luxury king sized villa in the Odyssey village. It comes with an all day pass to the 24 hour exclusive Apollo club, guided tours of the moon, access to the Lunar Theme Park and tickets to the Aldrin Theatre which is currently billing, This Dog in Space.

To claim your prize, fill in the attached form below.

I look forward to seeing you on the moon.

Alice Mortem
Marketing Director
Lottery Division
U-foria Adventures