Perhaps, something does not feel right.

‘No, I trust your judgement,’ you say.

Four-point-one’s judgement is superior.

‘Reply sent,’ says Four-point-one. The AI interrupts the enjoyment of your coffee. The milky-brown liquid still laps the rim of the cup, as yet untasted.


‘Four-point-one has replied to the email from U-Foria Adventures on your behalf. Four-point-one judged it to be sincere.’

You sit up in the VR sofa and clutch the coffee cup with both hands. ‘Show me the email.’

From: [Alice Mortem]


Subject: Congratulations! You’ve won a free trip to the moon.

Dear Chris,

Congratulations! You are our lucky winner for an all expenses paid holiday to the new moon resort, U-foria.

Your prize includes a 3 day stay in a luxury king sized villa in the Odyssey village. It comes with an all day pass to our 24 hour exclusive Apollo club, guided tours of the moon, access to the Lunar Theme Park and tickets to the Aldrin Theatre which is currently billing, This Dog in Space.

To claim your prize, fill in the attached form.

I look forward to seeing you on the moon.

Alice Mortem
Marketing Director
Lottery Division
U-foria Adventures

‘Where’s the attachment?’ you ask.

‘Four-point-one sent the attachment,’ says Four-point-one. ‘Do you not trust me?’

How do you answer?

‘Yes, I trust you.’

‘No, I wish you had asked me.’